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Like a shooting star, #BlackFlyDay came and went too quickly... but it was beautiful! If you didn't manage to get your hands on our fantastic Sydney flight give us a call on 0333 333 9923, we have plenty more deals available to start your life-changing adventure. 

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Complete Gap Years
Travel and Work in Australia

Australia is such an epic place to travel and work, this package lets you do both with ease. Not only does it cover your return flights to Sydney, but also completely sets you up to find employment.

Complete Work & Play Gap Year

Leave London - arrive in Perth where you start your working holiday adventure - fly to Singapore and party your way to Bangkok - fly back to London. Simple as that. Work, play, party. Just what ever gap year needs.

Travel & Work in Australia Deluxe

This is our deluxe complete gap year package. It’s got everything you could possibly need to get to, get set up in and get exploring Australia. Much like the one above, it will fly you to Australia and get you set up for work, but not only that, it includes your Working Holiday Visa and a trip up the East Coast!

Working Holidays
Australia Internship Program

Melbourne is the perfect blend of culture and commerce. This internship gives you the chance to work in the skyscrapers, ride the trams and relax on its beaches.

Internships in Melbourne

This Melbourne internship program allows interns to fast-track their career in a globalised context, building international networks and experiences that are a foundation for future leaders.

Job Search Australia - 2 Nights

This pack will provide you with all the essential products and services necessary to live, work, study and travel in Australia. Not only that, but it includes a couple of night’s accommodation to help you get set up.

Around the World Flights
Australia via Vietnam

From Vietnam’s historic Ho Chi Minh City to Australia’s biggest and best cities - Melbourne and Sydney, these flights have got it all!

The Ultimate Gap Year

This has to be it, the best of all the big gap year destinations in one trip. We’ll take you right round the world with stops everywhere you could want to go!

China to Australia

You’d better move quickly to snap up this deal! We’ll get you to Australia and give you the chance to explore it with this fantastic flight deal.

Backpacker Tours
Reefs and Rainforests

Wild nights & wildlife await you on the East Coast. Take a ride along the rainforest canopy, go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef & relax & work on your tan in the Whitsunday Islands.

Northern Aboriginal Experience

Sleep in a swag under the night sky, spearfish and cook what you catch, make your own Aboriginal artwork, learn about life in remote communities with a local, explore coastal rainforests.

Grand Australian

Australia is fair dinkum one of the world’s most exciting destinations, and this Australia travel experience is one of the hottest things going on a whole vibrant continent!

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