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You can’t beat a bit of face to face contact when organising something as epically exciting as a gap year, which is why our expert travel consultants are always on hand to chat in person about the most incredible experience of your life.

Remember that we have all taken gap years and all know exactly what it feels like to plan that first big adventure. We specialise in using our first-hand experience to make sure your trip will be the best it can possibly be, whether that’s sitting down together with a coffee and a map to work out the best round the world route for you, or discussing the best things to do in the best places.

One of the benefits of being amongst us all is that if you have something specific you’d like to talk about, we’ll get you in a room with the travel consultant who is best suited to answer your questions. While we’re all experts in general backpacking, we have all had different experiences and as such have our own areas of expertise, whether that’s volunteering in South America or overlanding in Africa.

To book a store appointment just fill in your details below and specify a date and time slot that is most convenient for you.

Find us at: 1st Floor, Intel House, 24 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HF

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