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Cycle across Burma
Visit Inle Lake, Amarapura, Bagan, and Mt Popa
Experience the extremes of Costa Rica
Mountain bike a volcano, zipline a jungle, tackle the rapids
Hike, bike, and kayak through Thailand
Visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, and the Andaman Sea
Ski and snowboard in Austria
Choose a trip to suit your skill level
Test Yourself

Extreme Sports and Adventure

Travel lets you discover what you’re really made of, and what better way to test your limits than by freefalling 40 metres from a New Zealand bridge with an elastic band around your ankles, cycling across Rajasthan in search of wild tigers, or learning to surf like a pro on Australia’s golden beaches?

StudentUniverse have incredible extreme sports and activities all over the world, so reluctant adventurers and hardened adrenaline junkies alike can return home armed with thrilling stories of their daring. 



Surfingfrom £599


Kayakingfrom £509


Cyclingfrom £579

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumpingfrom £104


The Most Popular Extreme Sports

Below is a selection of some of StudentUniverse's most popular activities, but there are plenty more to choose from if these don’t get your blood pumping.

Take an Extreme Gap Year

Take an Extreme Gap Yearfrom £1,915

Vietnam, Top to Bottom

Vietnam, Top to Bottomfrom £1,099

Learn to Surf in Australia

Learn to Surf in Australiafrom 730 AUD

Kayak Across Costa Rica

Kayak Across Costa Ricafrom £509

Bungee Off a New Zealand Bridge

Bungee Off a New Zealand Bridgefrom £104

Take an Extreme Ecuador Tour

Take an Extreme Ecuador Tourfrom £579

Why Book?

Reasons for Booking Extreme Sports

Here are a few reasons why it can be worthwhile to book your extreme activities ahead of time.

It’s a good way to find reputable providers

By their very nature extreme sports involve a certain amount of danger. Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever get hurt, booking your white knuckle activities with a reputable provider will make sure that every safety precaution is taken and you’ll come out the other side with all your limbs intact.

They’ll provide equipment

Whether it’s skiing, cycling, kayaking, or something else your parents would rather you didn’t do, you’re going to need a lot of equipment. While it’s usually possible to rent these independently, it’ll probably be significantly more expensive, and you won’t know for sure that you have the right kit. Book ahead and everything you need for the task at hand is included in the price.

Learn to be the ultimate badass

There are two ways to learn how to do something: get on with it by yourself and hope for the best, or take lessons from someone who knows what they’re doing. Guess which one ends with you claiming on your travel insurance? Depending on the activity, booking can give you a chance to learn from the best, develop a new skill, and have a much better time than if you go it alone.

You won’t get lost

Some of the longer adventures on offer give you the chance to hit the open road/slopes/water and experience a destination in an utterly unique way. There will also be people on hand to steer you in the right direction so that you never stray somewhere where you’re unsafe or unwelcome, as well as guaranteed checkpoints and accommodation waiting for you at the end of a hard day.


Extreme sports are a great way to push your limits and gain a different perspective on some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to do give the experts at StudentUniverse a call and they can book the right extreme activities for you. 

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