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Gap Year Flights

StudentUniverse is your one stop shop for all your flight needs. Whether you just want to book a point-to-point flight or are looking to go around the world in a lot more than eighty days, they've got you covered.

They have the benefit of being backed by Flight Centre, so have access to all the best airfares around the globe, and also have access to the very best student and youth fares too!

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  • They can help you book any tours, transport, welcome packs, full gap wraps, hostels and visas you need while you’re on the phone too.

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*Calls are included in free mobile minute allowance
Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm  |  Saturday: 10am – 5pm


How to Get the Most From Your Flight

When it comes to booking your flights there’s no doubt you’ll want to maximise the return on your investment. Here are a few tried and tested tricks to help you get the most from your flight when you book.

Fly overnight to save on accommodation

Sleep on the plane and you save the cost of a night’s accommodation when you arrive. Depending on where you go this should also mean that you arrive at a good time in your new destination.

Maximise layovers

When it comes to booking your flight don’t just go for the cheapest one. Ask your StudentUniverse expert about travelling via destinations and you could end up seeing a whole new country with pretty much the same price as you’d pay for going straight there. Winner!

Minimise layovers

Another note on layovers – you should also be careful of going for cheap flights with long layovers you don’t want as you could end up spending more than the flight price difference in the airport shops making any saving redundant.

Read up on airlines

Not all airlines were created equal. When you phone, ask what your expert thinks of a particular one and use their advice to find the best one for your route and your budget.

Find out your freebies

Flying from England it’s pretty simple to work out which airlines will feed you and which won’t, but when you’re on your gap year it pays to find out beforehand. You don’t want to starve yourself in the airport and end up paying a premium on the plane, and you definitely don’t want to splash out in the lounge only to be presented with a feast on board. 

Popular destinations

Most popular gap year flights

If you only have a short amount of time to spend on your ‘gap year’ it could make sense to fly into a well-connected transport hub and then have a look around from there. Here are some of the top flight hubs to fly into if you only have a few weeks, or you don’t want to book a round the world ticket right now.  


As a main flight hub for Asia, Bangkok is a great destination to fly into for some gap year fun. From here you can find cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur, Krabi, Udon Thani, Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta, among many other top destinations. To get a return flight to Bangkok from the UK starts from around £400.  

New York

Getting a return flight to New York for £450 or so is a great way to get into the USA for some backpacking fun. Located on the east coast of America it’s close enough to the UK to have an 8-hour ish flight time and a decent priced flight. You could make your way from here to all of the unique 50 states of America via the Greyhound bus or Amtrak trains. The experts at StudentUniverse can help you with tickets for them too.

The USA is so huge it could take you a lifetime and you wouldn’t even see half. It’s the perfect destination for a gap year though – every state is like a different country with its own traditions, lifestyle and foods. You could travel along Route 66, explore New York or even check out some of the many festivals the USA has to offer.


One of the most popular flight destinations the experts at StudentUniverse get asked about is Sydney in Australia. If you’re booking a flight here for your gap year chances are you’re staying a while. Air tickets to Sydney are generally booked within a round the world flight but if your budget, needs, wants, don’t suit that, make sure you at least get a fun stop in Asia before you travel on. Just ask our friendly travel consultants to advise.

Australia will forever be a favourite for gappers, thanks to the flexible working visa arrangements between the UK and Oz. If you plan to head out there to work for a year or two you can arrange a gap year flight straight there, no faffing.


Beijing Airport in China has been the busiest hub in Asia since 2009. Almost 80 million visitors passed through in 2011 – this makes it a great place to fly to if you’re unsure if you want to carry on. This is also a great airport to get a day or two layover in on your way to somewhere else. Just ask your travel consultant if they can sort it out for you when you’re booking your gap year flight.


If you want to explore South America overland getting a direct flight to Brazil makes a lot of sense. From Rio you can take advantage of the developed transport system and many options available there to get around the rest of the continent.  

Buenos Aires

Mmm steak. Argentina is definitely a country to spend a bit of time in. Meat lovers, wine lovers and dancers can indulge in their tipple while enjoying the panoramic delights of Iguazu Falls, the Ibera Wetlands, The Andes and Ischigualasto Provincial Park. Definitely worth spending as long as possible here. 


A popular spot for paid teaching placements, and for experiencing a totally different culture, Japan is awesome. Eat sushi, try karaoke, people watch, go shopping, check out the latest electronics, it’s impossible to list everything there is to do in Japan here, and you’ll have trouble fitting it all in in just a year but you can definitely give it a good go.  


Massively popular for gappers, India is a great place to visit from anything from two weeks to forever. The country is deceptively vast and there’s loads to see. Head to Delhi and Mumbai for iconic architecture, Goa for made beach raves or Bangalore for volunteering projects. Make sure to brush up on your bargaining skills before you go and get ready for a culture shock.