Popular Routes

Round the World Flights

This is our selection of the most popular gap year routes that we’ve found people want to do while on their year out, or just travelling in general. Typically they do go all the way around the world – the clue’s in the name after all – but that’s not hard and fast. Some of them just take you to a continent, or even country and that’s it. We reckon they’re all pretty awesome though.

Gap Year Destinations

Most gap years involve basically going as far as you can, for as long as you can and for as little as you can. So, it’s convenient that most of these routes involve going to Australia and/or New Zealand, as those destinations are about as far away as you can get. If you’re looking to add a little more into your gap year planning, they also tend to go via South East Asia, to places like Thailand or Singapore and often carry on going all the way round via South America or North America. There’s a really good reason for this and that’s not just because it’s so far that you can’t fly directly, but also because there’s just so much out there that once you get out there, you’re going to want to carry on travelling we (pretty much) guarantee it. So, why stop at just one place?!