South America Flights

Flights via South America

Travelling round the world via South America on your gap year will give you the opportunity to venture into villages hardly seen by Western man as well as bustling cities alive with a buzz and electricity second to none. With a huge selection of flights via South America to choose from these days it’s never been as accessible as it is now.

Once upon a time going round the world via South America meant big bucks. Even a stopover in popular destinations such as Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro used to add hundreds of pounds onto any flight ticket and internal flights were extortionate! These days your South American adventure can be included in the price of your ticket or added on for a fee similar to any other country. A range of South American airlines provide safe and suitable internal flights making travelling South America a breeze.

South America is a melting pot of the old and the new. Travelling round the world via South America can be fun, exciting and a unique experience you may never have the opportunity to do again. South Americans welcome tourists with open arms and once you’re there, chances are it will be very hard to leave.