South East Asia Flights

Flights via South East Asia

Going round the world via South East Asia is a backpacker’s staple. The most common gap year flights via South East Asia commence in either Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or Bangkok in Thailand and take travellers on a journey full of sights and sounds via Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Recently flights to Yangon in Myanmar/Burma and Manila in The Philippines have also had a boost in popularity due to their close proximity to the tried and tested South East Asia route and their reputation as countries with excellent value for money once you’re there.

Many tickets that travel round the world via South East Asia also allow stopovers in cities outside of Asia for small fees and sometimes they can even be free. Australia, New Zealand and North America can usually be added to the ticket at the click of a button. Africa and South America can be little more difficult however there’s always a way to get you there!

If you want to experience living like a king or queen for a fiver a day (most times you’ll even have change to spare!) then check how you can go round the world via South East Asia on your gap year.