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Book a Short Gap Year in Cambodia
Take some time to explore the rich history
Photograph the vibrancy of Cuba
And sup up the Mojitos as you go!
Take time out to visit the Taj Mahal in India
And Jaipur, and Delhi, and the Red Fort
Explore Kruger Park in South Africa
Get up and close with the animals
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The Very Best of StudentUniverse's Short Gap Years

Despite the name a gap year doesn’t have to be a ‘year’ – you could go for a shorter time and pack the same adventure into a short gap. It's a great way to fit more travel into your life. Whether you fancy weeks or months, our StudentUniverse team can get your short gap all booked up and ready to go.

Here are some of our most popular short gap options:

Travel and Work in Australia

Travel & Work in Australia from £1,149

Asian Adventure

Asian Adventure from £1,167

Travel and Work in New Zealand

Travel & Work in New Zealand from £1,399

The Inca Trail Tour

The Inca Trail Tour from £745

Africa Overland & Volunteer

Africa Overland & Volunteerfrom £4,129

Complete Canadian Winter

Complete Canadian Winterfrom £1,565

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What Can I Book for a Short Gap Year?

If your money or time is limited don’t let that stop you. StudentUniverse can book you into one of their short gap opportunities.

Day trips

Explore your chosen destination in 24 hours. If you haven’t got a lot of time you’ll want to make the most of it. Book a day tour and you'll see the best of a city as soon as you arrive. It’s also a great way to meet people and make friends.

Week trips

If you’ve got a week to make the most of book a weeklong short gap with our partners StudentUniverse. They cover all the top, most popular, destinations – how about a week road trip across the States for example? Or you could book onto the Tropical Suntanner short gap where you’ll travel between Airlie Beach and Cairns.


Most of our week-long trips can be extended on either end, or drawn out in the middle, to make your short gap last a bit longer. You could explore the North Island of New Zealand in a week, or three, there’s so much to do there that with all the activities you could stay even longer. Same goes for the Kruger Camping Safari trip in South Africa – there’s enough to entertain you for anything from 4 days to an infinite number of years. And it’s the same with Cuba, India, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica and Cambodia – you say where you want to go and we’ll book you the perfect trip to suit your style and your budget.

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Where Can I Go?

Where Can I Go on My Short Gap Year?

Via Africa

The vast majority of flights for short gaps via Africa fly into/out of Johannesburg and/or Cape Town in South Africa, although some routes take you via Nairobi in Kenya. Gambia, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt are all very popular in the north, especially for trips lasting less than a month.

Popular short gap year route in Africa:

London > Cape Town > Port Elizabeth > Johannesburg > Nairobi > London

Via Australia and New Zealand

The favourite destination amongst backpackers is easily Australia, closely followed by New Zealand. There’s a reason why they’re so popular; rainforests to trek through, glaciers to hike, remote beaches to explore, vast underwater worlds to discover and perfect for a few weeks of travelling.

Popular short gap year route in Australia & New Zealand:

London > Cairns > Brisbane > Sydney > Christchurch > Auckland > London

Via Central America

Getting around Central America is easy, making it perfect for a short gap year. You can visit Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. This is the perfect destination to combine some travelling with volunteering.

Popular short gap year route in Central America:

London > Mexico City > Belmopan > Guatemala City > Tegucigalpa > Managua > San Jose > London

Via East Asia

It might be a little more expensive to travel around East Asia, but that’s also what makes it perfect for a short gap. You can spend the cash on going balls out for a shorter trip away. There are plenty of iconic sites in East Asia, and of course plenty of people watching opportunities.

Popular short gap year route in East Asia:

London > Tokyo > Osaka > Kyoto > Yokohama > Chiba > Tokyo > London

Via North America

The USA is a hugely popular short gap destination. Who wouldn’t want to drive down Route 66 in a convertible, or stand admiring Times Square or see the White House? Getting around is easy – there are plenty of trains, buses, flights and hire cars to choose from.

Popular short gap year route in North America:

London > New York > San Francisco > London

Via South America

You could spend months travelling around South America and still not see even 10% of it. So there’s no need to feel bad taking a short gap there. Whether you want a whistlestop tour or to invest all your time in one place, if you’re after a crazy new culture, this is the place.

Popular short gap year route in South America: 

London > Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro > Mexico City > London

Via South Asia

South Asia – Bangladesh, Bhutan India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – are well travelled and relatively cheap, making it another perfect destination for short gappers. People are friendly and the scenery is stunning, try and get some volunteer work here to really make your short gap rewarding.

Popular short gap year route in South Asia:

London > Delhi > Jaipur > Udaipur > Jaisalmer > Amritsar > Agra > Delhi > London

Via South East Asia

South East Asia is possibly the most popular destination for anyone doing any sort of budget travel. Backpackers love the accessibility, the popularity and the price. You can see a few countries in a short time too, making it very attractive.

Popular short gap year route in South East Asia:

London > Bangkok > Phnom Penh > Ho Chi Minh City > Hanoi > Vientiane > Bangkok > London


StudentUniverse can book your short gap year for you! From visas to insurance to tours, accommodation and flights they can tailor make your gap year and bundle it all together for a great price.

Or, they can recommend their short gap year bundles that they’ve already sourced and created. Whatever suits you!

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