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See Machu Picchu in Peru
See Machu Picchu in Peru
Combine with any holiday in South America
Kick it in Kathmandu
Kick it in Kathmandu
An absolute must see if you're in Nepal
Scale the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Scale the Eiffel Tower in Paris
You'll be rewarded with incredible views!
Hang Out in Hanoi
Hang Out in Hanoi
Book a sightseeing trip in Vietnam
Most Popular

Most Popular Sightseeing Trips

Although a lot of travellers like to follow their own path, there are some sights in the world you truly shouldn't miss out on. Sightseeing trips are a great way to see the main attractions in any given destination, as they include transportation, entry fees, and a guide to give you all the insider knowledge. In some cases an official sightseeing tour will open up areas that lone tourists will never be allowed to see.

Below are some of StudentUniverse's most popular sightseeing trips to give you an idea of the amazing options they offer all over the world. Book with them and they can also arrange your transport, to make sure you're in the right place at the right time!

Phnom Penh's Past

Phnom Penh's Pastfrom £26

Machu Picchu Express

Machu Picchu Expressfrom £210

Bangkok City Intro w/ Temple Tour

Bangkok City Intro w/ Temple Tourfrom £89

Turkish Sailing

Turkish Sailingfrom £429

Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay Cruisefrom £62

Simply Italy

Simply Italyfrom £1,265

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Reasons to Book

Reasons to Book a Sightseeing Trip

Understand more about a place

Unless you’ve had the time to digest the whole of, and Wikipedia, it’s unlikely you’ll have that much of a base of knowledge to draw from when it comes to understanding your destination. If you book a sightseeing tour your tour leader will have been hired for his wealth of knowledge on the destination. They’ll know pretty much everything there is to know and likely be so passionate about it that they’ll pass their understanding on to you. Suck it up like a sponge.

Easy way to get about

Once you’re in the care of a tour guide they’ll show you the best way to get about. Depending on where you are you may even be driven about in their vehicle. It’s an easy way to see the sights of your destination.

Great introduction

When you’re feeling a bit jetlagged, and even a bit overwhelmed, at all the new experiences tickling your senses a sightseeing trip can be the perfect way to settle in to a new destination. You’ll have someone looking after you, kind of, and you know that you’ll be shown the best of the city all in a day.

You’ll make friends

Going on a sightseeing trip as soon as you arrive in a location is a great way to meet new people who are also travelling by themselves. Instead of being a pressurised environment where you feel you have to make friends, like a hostel room for example, you can enjoy getting to know each other over the day. 

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