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Top Working Holiday Destinations

Our partners at StudentUniverse can book everything you need for a working holiday from your flight to your visa to your insurance and starter accommodation. On that note they could also book you a country starter pack to get you settled in, if you need. Here are our top jobs and then the top destinations for gappers to work in during their working holidays in case you need further inspiration.

Internships in Melbourne

Internships in Melbournefrom £2917

Internships in London

Internships in Londonfrom £3250

Australia & New Zealand

Australia is the number one destination for backpackers on a working holiday visa. You can live out there in the sun, with the surf and sand on your doorstep. The outdoorsy lifestyle here is hard to beat. Beautiful New Zealand is another popular choice for anyone looking to book a working holiday. The land of the Maoris, and of course the Lord of the Rings is a stunning, action-packed country to spend a year or two in.  

USA & Canda

Whether it’s California, New York City, Washington or some other USA city or state that floats your boat, you can explore them all on a working holiday visa in the USA, especially if you'd like to spend a summer working at a kids' camp. The most popular working holidays in Canada are ones which involve working in ski resorts over the winter months, usually as an instructor, but there are plenty of vocations to choose from.

To Our South African Friends:

We're really sorry, but at the moment you aren't eligible for Working Holiday Visas, except under quite complicated circumstances involving ancestry visas and/or study, so please save yourselves the time, heartache and phone call and don't apply for them. As much as we'd love to send you off on a wonderful working holiday adventure, we can't!

There are loads and loads of other fun things you can be doing though!

Most Popular

These are our most popular options for each of the above countries:

Working Holiday in Australia

Working Holiday in Australiafrom £1245

Working Holiday in the UK

Working Holiday in the UKfrom £1499

Working Holiday in the USA

Working Holiday in the USAfrom £250

Working Holiday in Canada

Working Holiday in Canadafrom £549

Reasons to do a Working Holiday

Why Do a Working Holiday?

Working Holidays are brilliant. You get to really get involved in a new community and make some awesome friends that you might not have the chance to if you were constantly moving around. You can actually set up a new life somewhere different and enjoy living in a new place with all the new experiences it brings. Along with these reasons, here are 5 more to persuade you that a Working Holiday is a great idea. 

1. You get an address

Strange one to start, we know, but never undermine how nice it is to come home at the end of the day and sit on your sofa, in your house, and not have to live out of a backpack.

2. You get to live as a local 

No zipping round the main attractions and sites for you, you can really get to know an area and make the most of knowing where's cool and where's not. 

3. The people you meet 

If you book a working holiday you've instantly entered a cool club - one where only the coolest of the cool are welcome. if you have a job in a destination you've instantly got friends that you can hang about with, who'll introduce you to more friends and you'll generally end up having an awesome time on your gap year.

4. Friends and family can come to visit 

Is this a good thing or a bad? Let's go with a good one seeing as we're trying to persuade you to do a working holiday. If you're staying in one place for a while your loved ones can plan and save to come out and visit you, rather than not knowing where you are from one moment to the next. 

5. You earn as you travel 

By basing yourself somewhere and getting a job you can still travel around and explore what your locale has to offer, but not backpacker style, this time you'll have money! 

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