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Working in Brazil

Working in Brazil

Stopping for a while to work on your gap year, be it volunteering or paid, can add a whole new dimension to your trip, not to mention add a few much needed pennies to the budget.
However, keep in mind that backpacker jobs in Brazil are not always easy to come by, simply because locals are so eager for employment and will invariably snap up any position available, no matter how low paid.


As a visitor, the best chance you will have for paid employment is teaching English. Though not compulsory, it’s a good idea to achieve a TEFL qualification before you go, as competition for these jobs can be high. In recent years the Brazilian government has placed increasing importance on the need for Brazilian nationals to learn English, meaning teachers of the language are becoming highly sought after. Schools offer the most scope for these jobs, but you can also land gigs at private language institutions.
Teaching English in Brazil
It can be very difficult securing teaching jobs in Brazil over the phone or online, so the best thing to do is make your way out there and contact potential employers in person. It goes without saying that you should have a backup plan in case you’re not successful.


An alternative to teaching is volunteering work, which is easier to come by, but considerably more expensive. Not only will you not receive a wage, but you’ll also be expected to pay your own way, meaning you’ll need to stump up a significant lump of money. But it will probably make you feel good, and you can’t put a price on that, right?
If you plan to work in Brazil, it’s essential to apply for the correct visa before you go, as it’s illegal to work under a normal tourist visa.
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