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The Gap Year Travel Team

The team here at Gap Year Travel all have one thing in common: we love travel and we love helping others to explore the world. If you think you'd be a perfect fit in this travel-mad group, make sure you're at our careers evening on July 16th!

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Gap Year Travel Consultant

So, can you imagine your face sitting here along with your own bio? Where would your dream trip be? What advice would you give about travelling? We have positions available for travel consultants and business development managers, and we know there is some amazing talent out there - you just need to show it to us! Come to our careers evening, show your face, have an informal chat with the guys below. Even if you decide it's not for you, you'll still get an evening of free booze and food, and great company!

Kavon Bagheri

Gap Year Travel Manager

Kavon's dream trip would be to South Africa, Singapore overland to Beijing, Tokyo, Cairns over land to Adelaide, Christchurch overland to Auckland, Fiji, LA overland to San Fran. His favourite food is Persian and his biggest travel mistake was lack of planning. His best piece of travel advice is to not stress about anything and if you're travelling solo, take a group tour early on because you'll be safe, you'll meet other people and you'll feel confident about the rest of your trip.

Ellie Gilmore

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Ellie loves the sun and her dream destination would be Costa Rica to see the wildlife. She thinks the best food in the world is the fresh seafood in Fiji and she'd never leave home without her camera to capture all her travel memories. Her top tips for anyone taking a gap year are to trust the guidebooks, make the most out of every experience and take some ear plugs. She says you don't need a massive budget to take a gap year - the Gap Year Travel team can find a trip to suit you!

Kat Jolley

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Kat’s favourite travel destinations are Vietnam, Cambodia and Cuba, but her most recent adventure was in New York. Her best travel memory is spending Chinese New Year in Beijing and visiting the panda sanctuary in Chengdu, and next on her list of places to go is Brazil for Carnival! Her best travel tip is to always make sure you have comfy shoes and toilet paper, and when it comes to her advice for booking that trip of a lifetime, she says to avoid Skyscanner and give her a call!

Kali Walker

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Kali has visited 46 countries, but his most recent adventure was volunteering and travelling through Tanzania and Zanzibar! His favourite travel memory is a toss-up between hitchhiking through China without a guidebook or pretending to be on the GB athletics team (don’t ask. Actually, on second thoughts, do.) His best advice for planning your gap year is that all things are possible and to not be put off, and the next country on his list is North Korea.

Rachel Watson

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Rachel’s most recent adventure was in India, where she saw the Taj Mahal and visited some volunteering projects in Goa. Her favourite travel memory marks the beginning of her travel addiction: taking a cruise in the Maid of the Mist boat at the bottom of Niagara Falls when she was 16. Her favourite food experience was eating snake in Vietnam, and she says wherever you travel always make sure you have a pack of cards and a bottle opener, as you’ll never be short of friends!

Tom Grapes

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Tom’s favourite travel memory is sitting in a bamboo hut overlooking a lake as the sun set, eating fresh curried fish with a friend and local guide in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His best advice for when you’re on the road is to go local: embrace local people, food and customs. The next country he plans to visit is Sri Lanka, and his best advice for planning a trip of a lifetime is to think ahead. He says this will allow you to save money and not miss out on anything amazing.

Genevieve Slater

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Genevieve has visited 23 countries, the most recent being the United Arab Emirates, and the next place on her to do list is China. Her favourite travel destination is Fiji and her best travel tip is to feel free to be independent, but to always have your first couple of days organised so you don’t feel stressed and can plan ahead. She’s a self-confessed seafood fanatic, so her favourite food experience is anywhere where’s she’s had freshly caught fish.

Ed Miles

Gap Year Travel Consultant

Ed has visited 40 countries and his most recent adventure was travelling from Kyoto to Tokyo in Japan, which he says is an  amazing place to visit and not as expensive as many people think. His best advice for taking a gap year is that there’s no rush, so don’t try to see too many places in one go, as you can have more than one trip of a lifetime. The next country he plans to visit is Ethiopia and his best travel tip is to not pack too much, as usually you won’t need half the things you’re taking!