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Tours of Central America

Backpacker tours via Central America

Backpacking tours via Central America are a great way to discover a part of the world that is notoriously hard to travel independently. Central America is known as the section of land that links North and
south America which generally consists of Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Transport in these countries can be notoriously expensive due to the lack of competition in the area so backpacker tours via Central America offer a great alternative in order to keep the costs down.
Many backpacker tours via Central America try to use public transport and homestays as much as possible to keep that adventurous, independent travel style feeling alive. Free time is aplenty with most tours so those who wish to get lost in a city can do so.  Anyone who’d rather have an expert guide them through these unforgettable places,  will enjoy the fact that each tour has a specific tour leader that can do just that.
If you’d like to secure your spot on a backpacking tour via Central America then check out our great range of options.

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