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You have stumbled upon the beating heart of this website, the place where you'll find loads of likeminded wanderers and vagabonds who all have one thing in common: travel! We love to see the world, and we love to talk about it.

This site has always been dedicated to backpackers and written by backpackers. Although we strive to bring you the best travel content and information from all over the world, we also recognise that there is little better advice than that given by people who have been there and done it. So here we have blogs, message boards, photos, and more, all from members of our community, who are spread far and wide across the globe as we speak.

Whether you're a travel newbie in search of advice and inspiration, or a seasoned traveller rimed with the salt and sweat of adventure, there's a place for you here. Get involved, talk to others, share your wisdom, and let's make this the best travel community the world has ever seen!

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The message boards

Our message board community has been going strong for over 15 years, and as a result is an absolute treasure trove of travel advice, conversations, and incredible stories. 

If you have a question to ask, start a new thread and there's bound to be someone with an answer. If you're a grizzled travel veteran, you can jump in and cover everyone with your warm, milky wisdom.

Message Boards

Finding travel mates

Not everyone wants to wander alone. If you're looking for someone to join you on your gap year adventure, or even for just a portion of your journey, the boards are a great place to find a companion.

Post a shout out and chances are you'll find someone willing to accompany you to the ends of the Earth.

Travel Mates

Blogs and photo galleries

Everyone wants to shout about their experiences while they're on the road. Signing up to the site gives you a platform to write blogs and/or add photos of your adventures that will be displayed under your personal profile.

This is a great way to keep friends and family updated, share your travels with the community, and build up a portfolio of writing and/or photography.


You could end up writing for us

As much as we love travel, the beautiful staff can't visit everywhere (although we'd love to). To make sure we provide the most comprehensive travel coverage possible we publish homepage articles from members of the community, which can be published under your byline and slathered across the internet via our numerous social media channels.

If you're considering a career in travel writing or photography,this site is the perfect way to start. For more information on writing for us, scroll back to the top of the page and click the 'Write for Us' tab, or email We look forward to hearing from you!

Writers Academy

Join us!

Admit it, we've convinced you, haven't we? Yes! All you have to do to sign up is click this garish orange button right here: 


It only takes a few minutes: we ask for a few basic details, and you'll need to activate your account via your email. After that there are a few steps to completing your profile, but you can skip those and jump right in if you want. You can also link to your various social media accounts and blogs, if you want a cheeky bit of free advertising.

We're thrilled to have you!


Blog Around the World

We don't just want to help send you off into the world - we want to hear from you while you're there! Keeping a blog is the best way to record your gap year adventure, keep your friends and family in the loop (and thoroughly jealous), and build a great portfolio of work to show employers when/if you come home. 

Featured Blogs

The best blog posts by community members are featured prominently on the site to make sure as many people read them as possible. We're happy for you to link to your personal website or social media channels, so this can be a great way to promote yourself. 

Blogger of the Moment

Hailing originally from Glasgow, Scotland, blogger Cleo Brooks has started her adventure in one of the world's favourite gap year destinations: Australia! She kicked off her travel in Sydney (after a stopover in Hong Kong), and spent a couple of days there seeing the sights, before getting the Greyhound bus to Canberra, the Australian capital city. Unfortunately she wasn't too enamoured with it, despite her best efforts, and has since moved onto Melbourne. We're looking forward to seeing what she does next. Make sure you check back!


Top Featured Blogs


Crazy Two Days in Sydney

Snow Monsters

Snow Monsters in Mount Zao

Arrived in Vietnam

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A Summer to Remember in the USA

Start Your Blog!

If you already have an account, you can write your first blog RIGHT NOW! Just click the button below.

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If you'd like to sign up, just head here and fill in a few details. We're looking forward to reading about your adventures!


Get Your Words on the Site

We love travel here, more than we love ice cream laced with vodka and gold bullion. And although our humble staff have been all over the world, and will always persevere to bring you the best firsthand travel knowledge, we know that we can't do it alone. 

That's where you come in. If you've seen the world and had unforgettable backpacking experiences in far-flung places, we'd love for you to write about it for us. We frequently publish homepage articles from members of our community to ensure that we have the most comprehensive, entertaining, and informative travel content anywhere on the internet.

Why write for us?

If you're considering a career in travel writing or photography, having your work featured on the site is a great way to start. It shows potential employers that you're serious about writing, and it also gives you the opportunity to work with experienced travel writers and editors to improve your work. 

We'll also promote your articles, under your byline, across our various social media platforms, giving it far greater exposure than you're likely to receive on a personal blog.

What are we looking for?

We're not too strict about the style of content we feature on the site - we have useful list articles, anecdotal and funny stories, photo essays, and a great deal more. As long as the quality is high we'll be happy!

Before you pitch us an article idea we recommend having a good look around the site at what we publish, and think about how your article would add to what we already have. It's also worth seeing which countries we're lacking content on - as much as we love Australia, we already have a lot of articles about it. But we don't have so many about places like Serbia or Ecuador!

For more information about writing for us, have a look at our Gap Year Writers Academy Page.

Here are some examples of the best featured articles written by members of our community:

Route 66

The Ridiculousness of Route 66

Hanging Out in Ha Long Bay

Hanging Out in Ha Long Bay

Life on Hold

Putting Your Real Life on Hold?

Dengue Fever

Dealing with Dengue Fever


Beginner's Guide to InterRailing

Pacific Coast Highway

13 Stops on the Pacific Coast Highway

Wartime Damascus

Life in Wartime Damascus


An Adventure into North Korea

How to pitch

Pitching to us is easy. Write a pitch that introduces yourself, your travel experience, and outlines your article idea, as well as why you think it would be interesting or entertaining for our audience. Then send it to Dave at Simple!

We'll try and get back to you as soon as we can, but it sometimes take a little while. We're looking forward to receiving your pitches!

Travel mates

Find a Travel Buddy

Although there's nothing wrong with travelling alone, many experiences are better shared. The only problem is that it's not always easy to convince your friends to pack up and wander the world. More fool them! This is the ideal place to find some likeminded travellers to share your adventure.

We always have community members preparing to head off on their journey of a lifetime, or who are already on the road as you read this. They're always looking for people to join them.

This site was created not only to give you the best travel advice possible, but also to help you make friends. Bloody good friends. And there's no better way to make friends than travelling with them. Having no one to go with need no longer stop you from seeing the world.

How can we help?

If you're looking for a travel companion, head on over to the dedicated Travel Mates section of our message boards.

The best approach is to have a good look around first to see if someone else is planning a journey similar to yours and is looking for accompaniment. Reply to their thread, and from there you can get talking and planning.

If you can't see anything that matches your itinerary, create a new thread that lets people know what your travel plans are. The more detail, the better, as it helps people know if they'll be able to join you. It only takes one person to be inspired by your proposed journey!

Travel mate advice

Here's a selection of articles packed with advice about meeting travel mates and making friends on the road.

Meet People

Meet People on Your Gap Year


A First Timer's Guide to Hostels

Who To Travel With

Who to Travel With

11 People

11 People You ALWAYS Meet Backpacking