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You have stumbled upon the beating heart of this website, the place where you'll find loads of likeminded wanderers and vagabonds who all have one thing in common: travel! We love to see the world, and we love to talk about it.

This site has always been dedicated to backpackers and written by backpackers. Although we strive to bring you the best travel content and information from all over the world, we also recognise that there is little better advice than that given by people who have been there and done it. So we bring you our message boards, a hive mind of travel expertise where you can share your knowledge, ask questions, and meet fellow travellers to explore this incredible planet alongside.

Whether you're a travel newbie in search of advice and inspiration, or a seasoned traveller rimed with the salt and sweat of adventure, there's a place for you here. Get involved, talk to others, share your wisdom, and let's make this the best travel community the world has ever seen!

Reasons You Should Join

The message boards

Our message board community has been going strong for over 15 years, and as a result is an absolute treasure trove of travel advice, conversations, and incredible stories. 

If you have a question to ask, start a new thread and there's bound to be someone with an answer. If you're a grizzled travel veteran, you can jump in and cover everyone with your warm, milky wisdom.

Message Boards

Finding travel mates

Although there's nothing wrong with travelling alone, many experiences are better shared. The only problem is that it's not always easy to convince your friends to pack up and wander the world. More fool them! This is the ideal place to find some likeminded travellers to share your adventure.

We always have community members preparing to head off on their journey of a lifetime, or who are already on the road as you read this. They're always looking for people to join them.

This site was created not only to give you the best travel advice possible, but also to help you make friends. Bloody good friends. And there's no better way to make friends than travelling with them. Having no one to go with need no longer stop you from seeing the world.

How can we help?

If you're looking for a travel companion, head on over to the dedicated Travel Mates section of our message boards.

The best approach is to have a good look around first to see if someone else is planning a journey similar to yours and is looking for accompaniment. Reply to their thread, and from there you can get talking and planning.

If you can't see anything that matches your itinerary, create a new thread that lets people know what your travel plans are. The more detail, the better, as it helps people know if they'll be able to join you. It only takes one person to be inspired by your proposed journey!

Travel mate advice

Here's a selection of articles packed with advice about meeting travel mates and making friends on the road.

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Post a shout out and chances are you'll find someone willing to accompany you to the ends of the Earth.

Travel Mates

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