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Gapyear.com Submission Guidelines

What to do if you'd like to write for us

Gapyear.com Submission Guidelines

We want gapyear.com to be the ultimate resource for backpackers and young travellers around the world, and we believe the best way to do that is to feature and represent the real experiences of travellers from all backgrounds. That’s why we’d like you to write for us.

What we’re looking for

What we’re not looking for

Much of our existing content is advice and tips based (e.g. 9 Top Things to Do in X). This remains an important part of gapyear.com’s content strategy, but it is something we largely have covered in-house.
That said, if you can clearly identify a gap in our current coverage and you think you are absolutely the best person to fill it, please do pitch to do so.

How to pitch to gapyear.com

We will not read work on spec, but must always receive a short pitch first so we can determine if it’s something that will fit our site.
A pitch should briefly introduce yourself, outline the topic, angle, and general content of your proposed article, and state why you think it would be a good fit for gapyear.com. It might also mention proposed/confirmed interview subjects, research opportunities, or any help you might need with relevant contacts. It’s also useful if you can include examples of your previously published work, even if it’s from a personal blog.
Before writing any pitch, we recommend having a good look through what content is already featured on Gapyear.com to avoid pitching something we have already featured – we have over 1,500 published articles on site, so have already covered a lot of ground! For example, destinations such as Australia and Thailand are our backpacking bread and butter, so you will have to work hard to find a unique take or angle on either destination.
Pitches can be sent to editor@gapyear.com. Please include everything in the body of the email, not as attachments.

After you’ve pitched

It may take up to ten days to receive a response, though we will endeavour to read all pitches as quickly as possible. If you haven’t received a response after this time, please feel free to send a quick follow-up email.
There may be some discussion/tinkering/clarification before a pitch is accepted. Once both parties are happy, we will discuss and agree upon a fee for the work, and then a reasonable deadline will be set. We expect this deadline to be met – please inform your editor as soon as possible if you are likely to miss it.
After a draft of the article is submitted, there is likely to be a round of edits before a final draft will be agreed upon. At this stage a publication date will be set, and you can sit back and prepare to promote your work to the world!
We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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