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Rest Your Head in Asia

One of the joys of travelling through much of Asia is that accommodation – like most things – is incredibly cheap by western standards. However, while accommodation may be cheap, it in turn may not quite be up to the standards you’re used to back home. Generally speaking you get what you pay for, so if you’re only willing to put up $1 for a bed you can expect a slightly different experience to that which you might get for $100. Some places are more expensive than others - you're likely to pay a lot more for a bed in Japan or South Korea, for example, than you will in Cambodia.

Finding and booking accommodation

It’s always a good idea to pre-book accommodation in Asia whenever possible. For those who have never visited before it can be daunting enough arriving in a brand new city without the added pressure of lugging your backpack around unfamiliar streets trying to find a bed for the night.

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If you haven’t pre-booked your accommodation there is no need to panic: it’s extremely unlikely all the beds in any particular area will be full (unless there is a major festival occurring). Asia can be winged fairly easily, particularly the touristy parts, but it is a riskier strategy.

Types of Accommodation

The kind of accommodation you get in Asia will largely depend on the region you are staying in. If exploring the Thai islands (and you definitely should) you can expect to stay in beach huts and bungalows, which are usually very kind on the budget.


Homestays, most popular in the far north of South East Asia near the border with China, not only provide a bed for the night, but also an unforgettable travelling experience. You’ll get to really experience what life is like for the local populations and be treated to cuisine and culture in its most authentic form.

Home stay in Northern Laos


All the major cities in Asia have hotels, some grander than others, and most are very affordable. In China, for example, you can stay in a 4-star hotel for a fraction of what you'd pay in Europe. You should be prepared in the cheaper hotels in some areas to be hassled a fair bit by staff trying to get you to buy tours, but this is nothing to worry about, and can be quite handy if there are no obvious tour companies in the vicinity.

Guest houses

Guest houses in Asia are most popular in the slightly more remote regions – indeed, sometimes they’re your only option! Guest houses are like a mix between hostels and hotels: like hostels they’re cheap and laid back, and like hotels you’ll get your own privacy with a private room.


Hostels can be surprisingly hard to come by in South East Asia. Because other accommodation is so affordable there is less need to bunk up with a load of strangers in dorms. You will find them, however, on places like the Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand, and other backpacker hubs. They're a lot more common in places like China, South Korea, and more populated areas of India.

Bangkok has an abundance of budget hotels

Beach huts

Beach huts and bungalows are most commonly found on the islands of South East Asia and are great fun, not least because they are sometimes literally on the beach. Bliss! Beachside accommodation in Cambodia

Standards range from basic to luxurious: which one you go for is up to you (and your budget).

Capsule hotels

If you're looking for accommodation in Japan, you should definitely seek out a capsule hotel. These are essentially bed pods, offering a confined block as your 'room.' They usually include a television. They're not recommended for long stays, but definitely worth spending a night, just for the novelty.