Getting to Australasia

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The Long Way Down

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, Australasia is rather a long way away – the other side of the planet to be precise. This means that unless you fancy an incredibly long journey overland, or indeed over sea, you’ll have to hop on a plane.

The vast majority of backpackers fly into Australia first – usually Sydney or Melbourne – and use the land down under as a jump-off point to explore the rest of the region.

If you plan on visiting a few different countries in Australasia, the cheapest option is to buy a round the world ticket, which works out considerably less expensive than organising your travel into individual flights.

A standard multistop flight to Australasia would look something like this: London > Sydney > (make your own way to) Cairns > Auckland > Fiji > Sydney > London.

This is just one example – remember that we specialise in creating tailor made itineraries to Australasia so we can put together any route you fancy.