Accommodation in the Gold Coast

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Accommodation in the Gold Coast

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Accommodation in the Gold Coast is varied and widespread, so finding a place to stay isn't too difficult. As one of Australia's largest tourist destinations, the accommodation options in the Gold Coast allow backpackers and flashpackers alike to choose the style of accommodation best suited to them.

Accommodation in the Gold Coast

The weather on the Gold Coast makes it ideal for outdoor activities all through the year and makes camping a very viable form of accommodation for those not adverse to staying in a tent. Those looking for interesting ideas for accommodation on the Gold Coast may want to consider staying on a houseboat. Prices can be surprisingly cheap and it makes for a cool and unique backpacker experience. The Gold Coast region features a great many beautiful islands and a houseboat can be a great way to explore them, whilst doubling up as a roof over your head.

Komune Backpackers

Backpacker Accommodation in the Gold Coast

However, for most people on their gap year backpacker hostels tend to be the accommodation of choice, especially for those on a Gold Coast backpacking trip. Like most accommodation types, backpacker accommodation tends to be readily available in the Gold Coast. Staying in hostels is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, which is one of the many reasons why they're so popular.

There are so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to pick. Always on hand to help, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular hostels.

Backpacker Hostels in Coolangata:

  • Coolangata Sands Hostel
  • Coolangatta YHA
  • Komune

Backpacker Hostels in Miami Beach:

  • Gold Coast Tourist Parks

Backpacker Hostels in Southport:

  • Southport Tourist Park
  • Treasure Island Holiday Park

Backpacker Hostels in Surfers Paradise:

  • Aquarius Backpackers
  • Islander Resort & Backpackers

Backpacker Hostels in Tweed Heads:

  • Pyramid Holiday Park

Hostel newbies should check out Rachel Rick's A First Timer’s Guide To Hostels, which is a great introduction to staying in backpacker accommodation on your gap year.

Accommodation in the Gold Coast

Hotels and Apartments in the Gold Coast

For those with a few bucks to spend on the higher end of the scale, luxury hotels are plentiful. However, even on a fairly modest budget staying in any of these for more than a short while may not be a feasible option. For those willing to spend some money on accommodation, self-contained, serviced apartments are one of the most common types of accommodation in the Gold Coast. Three and four star apartments are abundant, spacious and often feel a bit more comfortable and homely than a hotel. For those looking for a happy medium between backpacker hostels and high-end hotel resorts, serviced apartments are a great accommodation option.

A nice blend of backpackers accommodation and budget accommodation is Vibe Hotel in the Gold Coast. It's a lovely little hotel with amazing views, being only minutes from the beach, and it's affordable. It's a gap year favourite!

Finding Cheap Accommodation in the Gold Coast

Finding cheap accommodation in the Gold Coast is often about weighing up convenience with price. If you are looking to stay in the party hotspots of central Coolangata or Surfers Paradise, you may pay a little more than you would a little further from the hub of backpacker activity. Likewise, if you want to walk straight out of your hotel or apartment onto a white sandy beach, you will most definitely pay for the experience. There are however, a vast number of hostels, hotels and motels to choose from, so finding Gold Coast accommodation that meets the balance of price and accessibility just takes a little time and patience.

Do your research and you'll be fine! And if in doubt, some of the backpacker hostels featured above should always be your first port of call.

Aquarius Backpackers