The Meter Maids

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The Meter Maids

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The Meter Maids. That was Bernie Elsey’s great idea back in 1965 when the Meter Maids were introduced to Surfers Paradise. Today, they’re just one of the reasons why you should visit the city.

Meter Maids

Bernie Elsey was a property developer and entrepreneur in the Gold Coast in the 1950s and 60s. Often a controversial figure, often a genius, he was the man behind the Meter Maids.

It’s safe to say that Elsey didn’t like parking meters, and that’s why he came up with the idea of Meter Maids; a way to beat the bad image associated with parking meters.

The Meter Maids were young women dressed in gold bikinis and tiaras, who strolled the streets of Surfers Paradise feeding coins into expired parking meters to make sure you wouldn’t get a parking ticket. The Meter Maids would leave a calling card under your windscreen wiper just so you would know you’d just been 'Meter Maid'.

In 1967, the Gold Coast was battered by a cyclone, causing huge amounts of damage. The Meter Maids were once again used as a promotional tool and they went on a campaign promoting the Gold Coast to Australia, getting people back on the beaches. Within weeks the idea had attracted national and worldwide publicity and the Meter Maids became the spearhead of many a promotional drive throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Today, over four decades later, the Meter Maids not only help you out when you’re about to get a parking ticket, but they promote the region of the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast and the Meter Maids have got a lot in common - they're both stunning...

Avoiding a parking ticket’s never been so good…

Bernie Elsey, we salute you…

Meter Maids