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Weather on the Gold Coast

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Weather on the Gold Coast is a delight for backpackers visiting Australia on a gap year. The comedian Bill Hicks once described the weather in Los Angeles as "every day, hot and sunny" but he could just as easily have been talking about the weather on the Gold Coast.

Weather on the Gold Coast

Ranging from spectacularly hot in the summer to dry and comfortably warm in the Australian winter, the weather on the Gold Coast makes it a perfect destination for outdoor activities right through the calendar year. A humid subtropical climate, coupled with a refreshing sea breeze ensures that the weather on the Gold Coast usual reaches a good balance of sunny but comfortable.

Gold Coast Seasons

Summer on the Gold Coast (December to February)

It will come as no surprise that the summer is the ideal time to hit the Gold Coast's world-famous white sandy beaches. With temperatures averaging around 20°C to 29°C, backpackers will find that beach culture tends to rule during the summer. As is the case in much of Queensland, humidity can reach very high levels during the summer. In the Gold Coast, this is somewhat counteracted by the same South Pacific winds that make the Gold Coast such a Nirvana for surfers.

Autumn on the Gold Coast (March to May)

Autumn is surf season in the Gold Coast. Featuring four world famous 'point breaks' (namely Burleigh Heads, Snapper Rocks 'Superbank,' Kirra and South Stradbroke Island) and a range of high-profile 'beach breaks' it's easy to how Surfer's Paradise got its name. Of course it's not all about surfing; autumn weather on the Gold Coast will delight non-surfing travellers too. With temperatures ranging in average from 15°C to 26°C, and peak temperatures in excess of 30°C not uncommon, autumn on the Gold Coast will feel decidedly summery to many backpackers travelling outbound from central or northern Europe. Boating, fishing and water sports are also common during the autumn.

Winter on the Gold Coast (June to August)

With temperatures during the winter averaging between 10°C and 21°C, the weather in the Gold Coast during the winter is considerably warmer than the climate further south. Light but variable winds and comfortable temperatures make golf a popular pastime through the winter months. Humpback whales make their way north to their breeding grounds during the summer, which makes whale-watching expeditions a popular tourist activity during the winter. There's a bit less surfing on the Gold Coast during the winter months, but not drastically so. The beaches remain busy all year round and the chance of rain is far lower in the winter than the summer, making Gold Coast backpacking during the winter an enticing prospect.

Spring on the Gold Coast (March to May)

In terms of its weather, springtime on the Gold Coast is pretty similar to autumn. Average temperatures are similar to the autumn, sitting around 15°C to 25°C. From paragliding championships to bicycle races (such as the Rainbow Ride and the Matrix Twilight Six Hour Challenge), there's plenty for the sportier traveller to watch or participate in, and the surf's always good (that's almost becoming a mantra isn't it - Ed).

Weather on the Gold Coast

Reliably good weather and a wealth of things to see and do have made the Gold Coast a hit with tourists for many years. Those looking for accommodation in the Gold Coast with find a wide range of options and surfers, fishing enthusiasts, golfers of all levels and anyone who loves a white sandy beach will find the weather here in their favour throughout the year.

Within reason, whatever you are planning to do and whenever you want to do it, the wonderful weather in the Gold Coast will make it possible all year round. Expect a little rain in the summer and some colder days in the winter, but generally speaking the warm weather in the Gold Coast makes it easy to plan in as part of a round the world trip or whilst backpacking in Australia. For sun, sand, seas and surf, backpacker need look no further than Australia's Gold Coast.