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Introduction to Queensland

Queensland is one of the most famous and most visited states in Australia, located in the north-east of the country. If three colours could sum up Queensland it would be the gold of the golden sandy beaches at Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta; the green of Daintree National Park, colourful and lush all-year-round; and the blue of the crystal blue waters at the Great Barrier Reef. In essence, it is one of the most beautiful states in the whole of Australia.

Also, sites such as Fraser Island and the Whitsundays draw tourists in their millions. Or it could be the 300 days of sunshine a year that Queensland gets. Whatever it is, Queensland really does have a lot to offer backpackers and travellers alike.

Brisbane, the state capital, is a buzzing and vibrant city. It is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live in Australia and it’s not hard to understand why. With a booming music scene, cafes on every corner and a cosmopolitan vibe, ‘Brisvegas’ still holds its original laid-back attitude and charms locals and tourists alike. 

One of the reasons why so many tourists visit Australia is to see the weird and wonderful wildlife. At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary you get to see crocodiles, koala’s, kangaroo’s in the freedom of the rainforest. There aren’t many cages here! Shows are put on daily and it is an educational experience to learn about Australia’s wildlife, but don’t think its all learning!

If you’re into adventure sports and extreme activities then they are oodles of opportunities for abseiling, base jumping, bungee jumping, horse riding, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and white-water rafting.

Queensland contains almost everything that lures visitors to Australia from the green to the gold. The white sandy beaches, the shimmering seas, the backpacker hot-spots and much much more. All you have to do is make sure that you see it all…

How to Get to Queensland



One of the most popular ways to get to Queensland is by bus. Greyhound offer some fantastic deals if you book in advanced or use their multi-stop passes.

A Greyhound bus from Sydney to Brisbane costs approximately AU$94 and takes 15 hours and a bus from Cairns to Brisbane costs AU$290 and takes 30 hours.

Country Link and Queensland Rail

Country Link is the rail service that runs up the east coast to Queensland. The train that links Sydney to Brisbane can costs as low as AU$70 but on average costs AU$110 and takes 14 hours.

Queensland Rail Travel is the rail service that runs down the east coast from Queensland to New South Wales. The train that links Cairns to Brisbane costs AU$130 and takes 30 hours.