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Townsville is a vibrant region that encompasses beautiful coastal towns, rainforests, rugged Outback and country terrain. The Great Barrier Reef sprawls to the east, the Outback beckons to the west, islands and rainforest entice to the north while sugar cane and mango farming communities tempt in the south. The opportunities for exploration are endless and they all invite you to some unforgettable experiences.


Things to do in Townsville

Surrounded by a rich hinterland of tropical rainforests and waterfalls, the town of Townsville is in the heart of historic gold mining towns, the outback, islands, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. Notable must-dos include:

  • Enjoying a day trip from Townville out to the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Viewing the city and Magnetic Island from Castle Hill.
  • Taking a sunset stroll along The Strand, Townsville’s outstanding beachfront promenade.

Outside the City


To the south, Bowen, home of the famous mangoes, is an attractive township fringed by eight beaches. You may see turtles come ashore at Bowling Green Bay near Townsville, or glimpse cassowaries at Lumhotz national park and around Mission Beach.

Island Paradises

Amaze at the sheer size and abundant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, or take some time out to experience one of over 20 idyllic tropical island hideaways such as:

  • Hiking the Thornsborne Track Hinchinbrook Island National Park.
  • The exclusive luxury resort on Orpheus Island.
  • Magnetic Island, which offers a blend of both experiences. Magnetic Island is a haven for native wildlife and is home to Northern Australia’s largest colony of koalas living in the wild.

You’ll definitely find an island to suit your tastes.

Great Tropical Drive

Immerse yourself in the World-heritage wonders of North Queensland between Townsville and Cairns along The Great Tropical Drive. Starting from Townsville, you can experience a variety of self-drive trails that wind their way from palm-fringed beaches, to ancient rainforests and the golden outback of North Queensland.


There's Saunders and Balgal beach while Crystal Creek and Paluma offer cool retreats. North and closer to Ingham, Jourama Falls and Australia's highest sheer drop waterfall at Wallaman are spectacular after rain.

Explore Undara Volcanic National Park, where you'll find the world's longest lava tube system. On the other end of the spectrum is the town of Tully, nestled amongst rainforest-covered mountains. Visit Paronella Park, site of a spectacular Spanish-style castle built in the 1930s.