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Languages in Belgium

Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German.

Please note that although Belgium has three official languages, that does not mean that all of them are official everywhere. The only official language of Flanders is Dutch; Brussels has both Dutch and French as its official languages albeit the lingua franca is French. The only official language of Wallonia is French, except for the nine municipalities (including the town of Eupen and its surroundings) of the German-speaking Community.

A number of inhabitants of Wallonia, particularly the older generations, speak the Walloon language. This language, while not official, is recognized by the French Community of Belgium as an "indigenous regional language", together with a number of other Romance (Champenois, Lorrain and Picard) and Germanic (Luxembourgian) language varieties.

English is widely spoken by the younger generation of Dutch-speaking Belgians. In contrast, French-speaking Belgians rarely speak much English. Consequently, one can get around Flanders without much problem speaking English, but if travelling around Wallonia, bringing a phrasebook along is highly recommended.

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