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Currency in Bolivia

The national currency is the Boliviano (BOB, Bs). As of January 2010, the exchange rate is generally Bs6.97/$US or Bs10/€. Bills come in denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20, and 10; coins are in 5, 2, and 1 Bolivianos, and 50, 20, and you will find sometimes 10 centavos (1/10 of a Boliviano). Bills larger than Bs50 can be hard to break, but a quick phone call or internet session at an Internet Café (see Contact, below) will usually get you change.

If you take a bank card with you, make sure your bank card can be used abroad (ask your bank if you are not sure). You don't need a credit card - debit cards work too. If you find your card doesn't work and you are running out of cash, think of your relatives wiring you some money via, i.e., Western Union.

Currency can be exchanged for US dollars and most South American currencies at Casa De Cambio agencies or street vendors. Expect to negotiate for a favorable exchange rate, as most vendors will try to make money off a tourist.

U.S. dollars are widely accepted in hotels, tourist shops, and for large purchases.

Banco de Credito (BCP) is a good bank to take cash from. Banco Union should be avoided if possible as it charges a 5% surcharge (as of May 2012), although they do not make any mention of this.

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