Health Advice for Brunei

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Health Advice for Brunei

Eating out is generally safe because of good food safety standards. Though tap water is not fit for drinking & should be boiled first. If that sounds like too much effort, bottled water is very cheap.

Stay Safe

Brunei, like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, has very strict laws when it comes to drugs. Drug trafficking to a certain degree has a mandatory death sentence in this country. Other crimes, such as murder, kidnapping, and unauthorized possession of firearms are also punished with death.

Brunei uses caning (for males only) for less serious crimes, including illegal entry, overstaying your visa for over 90 days, rape, robbery, corruption, and vandalism. Caning is no slap on the wrist. Strokes from the thick rattan cane is excruciating and very painful. They can take weeks to heal, and even scar for life. These laws apply to foreigners as well.

Brunei is a very safe country, with theft being uncommon & violent crime almost unheard of. However, you should use common sense, no matter what.

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