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Travel Tips for Chile

In general Chile is a very safe place to travel with a police presence even in the most remote areas of the country. However it is important while travelling to be cautious and take precautions such as keeping your documents and money in a safe place. In busy streets and markets always keep your bag in front of you and have a lock on your bag if possible.

Beware of con-artists acting like the civilian-dressed police as they have been known to tag tourists so always ask for identification and never hand over any money or identification to them. Be careful of anyone spraying a condiment on you seemingly by mistake as they steal your watch or wallet or anything else while they are apologising.

Price bargaining is acceptable with only some street vendors. Chileans are very conscious of social etiquette so when bargaining always be polite, humble and very courteous otherwise this may prove to be unsuccessful.

The threat from terrorism is low however travellers should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks which could be against civilians particularly in places frequented by tourists. Dengue fever is endemic to Latin America and the Caribbean and can occur throughout the year. The Llaima volcano in southern Chile erupted in January 2008 so visitors should follow any guidance and warnings given by the local authorities. Minefields are located in regions I, II and XII and again it is recommended to check with local authorities before travelling to the border areas of these regions. Pick pocketing, muggings and other thefts are common and have been on the increase for the last couple of years.

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