Weather in Chile

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Weather in Chile

Chile has a wide variety of climatic conditions from extreme aridity in the northern part of the country to cool and rainy conditions throughout the year in the southern region. The north experiences an average annual rainfall of 0.04 inches and temperatures are moderate along the coast all year round and more extreme inland particularly in the central basin. The average temperatures for the coldest (July) and hottest (February) months are 8 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius.

Central Chile has a Mediterranean type of climate with cool and rainy winters (April to September) however does not experience a dry season. Temperature decreases toward the south and the average annual precipitation in this area increases substantially. The climate in the southern region is characterized by abundant low clouds and is cool and rainy throughout the year with snow covering the mountains.

There are four seasons in most of the country including summer (December to February), autumn (March to May), winter (June to August) and spring (September to November). Recommended clothing for travel to Chile is lightweights and natural fabrics. Rainwear is essential for the wet season and more substantial waterproofs are often needed in the south.

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