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A few years ago people thought Croatia was this strange and unusual destination in Europe. However, these days, not only has everyone heard of it but everyone wants to go there!

Croatia really has established itself as one of the countries to visit in Europe in a short amount of time, and with reason. With beautiful beaches, gorgeous Mediterranean weather and some simply stunning sights (with the history to boot), Croatia has got a lot to offer backpackers and travellers.

And if you're looking for a party, well Croatia can offer that too. Over the summer there's Sail Croatia, a huge sailing festival that sees hundreds of thousands of travellers descend upon the country to have a good time.

But don't think it's just beers and babes; the Dalmatian coastline has a lot to offer with bustling ports and ancient Roman ruins. The interior is less visited but is well worth visiting for its culture, vineyards and cellars, and outstanding natural attractions such as thermal spas, pristine forests, mountain streams, and waterfalls.

All you've got to do is get yourself there...