Backpacking in Denmark on a Gap Year

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Denmark is one of the countries in Scandinavia and it's a lovely little place to travel to on a gap year.

Denmark is filled with historic castles and monuments, a coastline that offers broad sandy beaches (though don't go lying on them in the winter!), gentle fjords and small coves, and picturesque villages and towns.

The country consists of low rolling hills, cool shady forests, a beautiful lake district, extensive areas of heath land and wonderful views of sand dunes and white cliffs. To add to this picture is also the 400 surrounding islands which each offer their own unique attractions, though some can be more difficult to travel to than others.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark which is a vibrant metropolis with world class attractions. It's also incredible close to the UK and cheap to fly to.

And if that's not enticing enough, its home to LEGO!  There's no other better place in the world where one can buy Lego bricks than at the Legoland theme park in Billund. Sold.