Backpacking in Egypt on a Gap Year

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Backpackers will know Egypt is famous for its iconic pyramids and ancient treasures of a once mighty empire. But its medieval bazaars and other man-made wonders have also attracted travellers for centuries. Egypt is also very rich in natural beauty and contemporary culture, making it a great holiday or short gap destination.

The medieval centre of Cairo is still largely unchanged from its formative years under the influences of Islam and Luxor. It's lined with extravagantly decorated burial chambers and impressive monuments. Further south, Aswan on the Nile River has temples to ancient gods and pharaohs and is the place to go for an Egyptian sailing experience on the world's most infamous river.

Modern day Egypt may have an erratic economy, unstable political situation and tough living conditions for the locals, but its people are resilient and travellers on an Egypt short gap year will discover a lavish array of truly ancient history and hospitality.