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Finding accommodation in Europe is rarely going to be a problem, though it can prove expensive. Any major city - and many of the smaller ones - in Europe will come equipped with a range of hotels, be they the most basic or the supremely luxurious. There's also other options like hostels, which will usually be considerably cheaper, but at the expense of your privacy. You can expect to pay a lot more in Western, Northern, and Southern Europe than you're likely to in many places in Eastern Europe, although of course this will vary based on location and the quality of your lodgings. 

Finding and booking accommodation

We recommend booking ahead in Europe, just to take away some of the stress of arriving in a new place. Almost every place will accept bookings well ahead of time, from expensive hotels to the most thrifty hostels.

Our expert travel consultants will be able to book any accommodation you want with ease, all you have to do is give them a call.

It is possible to improvise accommodation as you travel, especially if you're sticking to major cities. If you plan to do it this way, make sure to check ahead to see if any major events, festivals, or public holidays coincide with your arrival date. These will make it much more difficult to just show up and find a room.

Types of Accommodation

The type of accommodation you'll find in Europe depends somewhat on whereabouts you travel. Many destinations are well-developed and will have a bit of everything, but smaller countries that don't yet have established tourist infrastructure may give you fewer options.


All major cities in Europe, and many of the smaller ones, will have a wide range of hotels, some grander than others. You get what you pay for in Europe, and generally you can expect to pay more than you would in other parts of the world. Hotels closer to the city centre are likely to be significantly more expensive. Expect to pay less in Eastern Europe.


These are a great option when backpacking in Europe, as they'll be significantly less expensive than hotels. The quality will vary, so it can be worth doing a bit of research before you turn up. Again, you'll get what you pay for. You'll usually have the option to sleep in a shared dorm, which will be the cheapest option, or to pay a little more for a private room. Hostels are most common in cities, though you might find some in more remote areas that are popular with travellers.

Guest Houses

Guest houses and B&Bs are often a good option when you're looking to stay in more remote areas of Europe, as you'll often find them in country towns and villages. As a result they're quite laidback, though they can be expensive if there isn't much competition in the area.


The availability of these in Europe can be a bit hit or miss. Some towns and cities run schemes that offer incentives for locals to offer a spare room to travellers, while others may do so of their own accord. It depends how you feel about staying with a stranger, but it can be a great way to feel like a local, and usually won't cost you too much.