Weather in Hong Kong

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Weather in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a tropical climate, but is cooled in winter by sea breezes its elevated location. Summer is long, humid and hot (June to September), with temperatures often exceed 30°C, with night time temperatures do not drop below 25°C . Typhoons usually occur between June and September and can bring a halt to local business activities for a day or less (see natural disaster section). Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with at least one season to match your comfort zone. Boasting one of the world's best airports, it is the ideal stopover for those who wish to travel deeper into the Orient.

Winters are generally very mild, with temperatures range between 18-22°C, nights dipping into the 10°C although dropping further sometimes, especially in the countryside. Christmas in Hong Kong is considered warm compared with many Western countries. Chinese New Year is notorious for cold (10°C) wet weather, this is because winter in Hong Kong tends to start out mild and dry and then turn a bit cool and wet later, though the cool weather is brief.

Spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November/December) have average temperature between 21-24°C. Autumn is probably a more comfortable season as spring tends to be more humid and rainy.

Although most buildings in Hong Kong have air-conditioning to cope with the summer weather, winter heating is something of a novelty. During the coldest days, most locals simply wear more layers even at indoors. In a restaurant for example, it is not unusual to see customers eating with their jackets and scarfs on.

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