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Located in the Middle East, Jordan is bordered to the west by the West Bank and Israel, to the north by Syria, to the east by Iraq and to the south by Saudi Arabia. This tiny desert kingdom was once an important trading centre of the Roman Empire, and everywhere you look this history is displayed. Visit Jordan on your gap year if you're looking for somewhere more unique to spend your time.

Float serenely in the Dead Sea, visit Mukawir and marvel at the colourful array of scarves, or simply take in the view from Mt Nebo and you will discover this country has so many stories to reveal.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular sights is the ancient city of Petra. This magnificent city radiates with beautiful pink hues at sunset especially on a winter's eve. Other wonders you'll discover in this kaleidoscopic country apart from this enchanting city are ruined Roman cities, desert citadels, Crusader castles and powerful biblical sites such as the mountain top overlooking the Promised Land, and the small creek where Jesus was baptized, among so many more.

In contrast to the magnificent historical sites spread across this land you will find the capital city, Amman, to be a culturally diverse and modern Arab city. There's a varied backdrop to this amazing country which ranges from the colourful corals of the Gulf of Agaba, to the red desert of Wadi Rum, and the majesty of the salt encrusted shores of the sparkling Dead Sea.

The people of Jordan are passionate and proud and welcome all with open arms. Hospitality and courtesy will surround you as you experience the sensual delights of daily life in the Middle East.

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The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at 402 meters below sea level and it becomes one meter lower each year.