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Gap Year Health Advice for Jordan

Recommended vaccinations for travel to Jordan are Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, and Tetanus and depending on the season and region visited Rabies Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and Typhoid are sometimes recommended. For travellers over one year of age coming from infected areas of Yellow Fever, a vaccination certificate will be required.

When traveling throughout the country it is advised to only drink bottled water and pasteurised milk and be especially careful with food and water in rural areas. Always make sure any meat and fish are well cooked and avoid raw vegetables and fruit that has been already peeled.

As in all urban areas in the world, Jordan's cities have some health concerns but also keep in mind that Jordan is a center for medical treatment in the Middle East and its world-class hospitals are respected in every part of the world. Just remember to have caution with buying food from vendors, the vendors aren't trying to hurt you but the food might be unclean. Hospitals in Jordan, especially Amman, are abundant. Jordan is a hub for medical tourism.

The biggest risk to your health in Jordan is being involved in a road traffic accident.

Jordan is a Muslim nation and there are certain western norms that are not accepted in the country. Such norms include public displays of affection and homosexuality are not acceptable and adultery is actually illegal and can carry a jail term. Generally however Jordan is a very safe country to visit and travel around as long as travelers are careful and confident about their personal security arrangements throughout their visit.

There have been a number of attempted and successful terrorist attacks so extra care should be taken particularly at the borders with Israel and Iraq and when using Jordanian service taxis to cross into neighbouring countries. Take care to avoid demonstrations which could turn hostile, and be particularly vigilant in public places.

Emergency phone numbers for Jordan are: Police 191; Fire Brigade and Ambulance 199.

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