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Travel Tips for Malta

Malta is generally considered safe. However, visitors to Paceville at night should exercise caution. There are repeated incidents of alcohol and drug fueled violence there, and police presence is negligible.

Due to Malta being a major Mediterranean port, sailors with shore leave tend to become quite rowdy after long voyages, as well as with the advent of low cost air travel coming to Malta has brought an influx of teens from across Europe enjoying short cheap weekend breaks in the sun.

However, during the General Election do keep cautious as some political party supporters might get very violent after their party's mass meetings. Do keep cautious as well after the results of the new government are published, since many supporters run around the streets with car-cades and might vandalise the opposing party's band clubs. 

The country has three mobile phone networks available: Vodafone, Go Mobile, and Melita Mobile. Due to international agreements with providers across the globe, Vodafone, GO and Melita are sure to be apart of your carriers roaming plan.

Internet cafés and wi-fi zones are quite abundant with connection rates peaking at 30mbps. 

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