Backpacking in Nepal on a Gap Year

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Nepal is one of those countries that everyone loves. It's quiet, cheap and easy to travel. Most importantly, it's packed full of fun activities and trips, and is home to the mecca of hiking; Mount Everest.

Nepal is wedged between the cool heights of the Himalayas and the hot plains of India. And it's the Himalayas that dominate your views and conversations. Ever present, they're like sentient beings overlooking the land. 

Hikers flock to the Himalayas to trek the regions of Annapurna and Everest. There are a number of treks you can choose from, from easy day-trips to week-long expeditions. But if trekking isn't your thing then there's world-class white-water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and bungee jumping.

But it's the Nepalese that make the country worth coming back to year after year. Their hospitality is world famous - after all, they want you to have the best time possible so you keep on coming back.