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The incredible scenery and seemingly endless list of exhilarating activities, makes New Zealand the ultimate backpacker destination. Located in the Oceania region, this completely unique country was one of the last to be settled by humans, allowing for its natural forest and wildlife to thrive and grow here. Outside of the natural landscapes, the cities, like Wellington and Auckland, offer plenty of hostels and bars for backpackers to meet up, drink a few beers and plan a drunken New Zealand adventure.

Waitomo Caves

A gap year in New Zealand will offer something completely different each day. If you’re travelling because you’re bored of the predictable 9 – 5 life at home, then New Zealand is the perfect location. On Monday you can go black water rafting through the glowing tunnels of the Waitomo caves, Tuesday and Wednesday can be spent accomplishing a two day hike in Milford Sounds National park, Thursday is time for some relaxation in the Ngawha hot springs, picking the pace up on Friday by going skydiving over Lake Taupo.

Franz Josef glacier

Adventurous backpackers should also challenge themselves to hike the snow capped Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, bungee jump from the AJ Hackett site - the world’s first bungee spot, go kayaking on the Nelson Lakes, Zorb down steep hills, surf on the waves at Wainui beach, or spend a day or two exploring the sets of Lord of the Rings in Wellington.  We weren’t kidding; the list really does goes on and on.

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With its eye-popping scenery and endless opportunity for adventure, New Zealand is one of the best countries in Oceania - and indeed the world - to take a tour. This is a fully Westernised country, meaning it's very easy to travel independently, but on a tour you'll be sharing the awesome experience with others, and making friends for life along the way.

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Advice on Backpacking in New Zealand 

Many a backpacker has ventured to New Zealand and returned with epic tales and invaluable advice, and we have a very large portion on this site. Have a look at the articles below for tips and information, and if there is a question which hasn't been answered just hop onto the message boards and fire it out there.

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