Safety advice for Uganda

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Whilst most of Uganda is safe and welcoming, like all places there are some advised no-go zones. Travel to the Karamoja region in north eastern Uganda is advised against, with trips to the Kidepo Valley national park being the exception, although it’s recommended to take this trip by air.

Travel on roads outside major towns, except between Kampala and the Entebbe airport, are also best avoided to keep out of trouble. Travel Gov do not specify as to why, but this is possibly due to car hijacking which is a common problem in Africa.

Sadly, since 2014 homosexuality has become illegal in Uganda. So, it’s a good idea for any gay travellers to bare this in mind when travelling with a partner and try to keep a low profile. Although it’s best for all backpackers to keep a low profile anyway to avoid being pick pocketed or targeted for robbery.