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Samoa - officially known as the Independent State of Samoa - is a archipelago situated in the South Pacific, in the region known as Polynesia. Samoa's native population of 185,000 is spread over ten islands in total, though most are divided between the islands of Savaii and Upolu, which also make up the majority of the country's land mass.

In many ways, Samoa is the perfect holiday destination for those seeking the tropical island experience; an ideal spot for backpackers and flashpackers looking to really get away from the grind.

Samoans are generally welcoming of tourists and keen for them to enjoy their laid back way of life. Travel in Samoa can be a pretty cost effective way for gap year travellers to get a little paradise island action without breaking the bank. Its waters and white beaches are stunning and its volcanic islands present opportunities for mountain exploration in a region with lush rainforests and photogenic waterfalls.

Whether it's fishing, surfing, swimming, exploration or just chilling out that draws you in, cracking open your first Vailima beer in paradise is something that will stay with you long after that dream round the world trip.

Map of Samoa