Gap Years and Backpacking in Singapore

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For some backpackers Singapore lacks character and identity. But for others it’s one of the most enjoyable cities in South East Asia, a modern, affluent city combining skyscrapers and subways with an eclectic mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences. It has a tropical climate and offers great shopping, vibrant nightlife and tasty food.

Singapore is home to over four million people and is second to Monaco as the world’s most densely populated country. The city centre is known for its miles of shopping while the North and West form Singapore’s residential and industrial hinterlands. Changi Airport is at the East Coast where beaches extend for miles. Sentosa is a separate island developed into a resort resembling Disneyland.

Singapore has a reputation for being sterile and squeaky clean, but all you need to do is scratch a little below the surface and you'll find more than meets the eye. So is Singapore a bland mix or exciting melting pot? Pay a visit and make up your mind.

Map of Singapore