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Sweden is the largest country in northern Europe’s Scandinavia region. It borders Nordic neighbours Finland and Norway and the bridge of Oresund connects it to Denmark.

Photo-focused travellers looking for exploration will find it in Sweden. It’s crystal clear waters, vibrant meadows and valleys, dense forests and remote islands, make it a landscape photographers dream.

Some of the world’s lowest crime levels and a very tourist-friendly local population make a few weeks in Sweden a great stop on an InterRail trip. An urbanophile backpacker will find Sweden’s cities buzzing and cool, and for those willing to splash out a little on their gap year, Stockholm has some incredible hotels, uber-hip night clubs and banging bars.

Map of Sweden

Sweden Fact!

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As of 2006, Sweden had obtained 27 Nobel prizes, including 5 Peace prizes. This is the 5th highest number of laureates in the world, and the highest per capita ratio.

Sweden Fact!

Total taxation in Sweden amount to 54.2 % of GDP, the highest level worldwide.