Backpacking in Switzerland on a Gap Year

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Switzerland is a central European country landlocked by France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein. Switzerland has one of the world’s most stable economies. It regularly rates highly on lists of the world’s most desirable travel destinations and its major cities almost always feature on the Forbes list of best places to live.

An incredibly popular destination for Asian and Antipodean backpackers, Switzerland is the home of recreational snow sports and has many world famous resorts which should definitely not be overlooked by European or America gap year travellers. Being very central, it is easily accessed as part of an InterRail trip and presents the kind of landscape many travellers will not have seen before and may not see again.

Famous for the Swiss Alps, many mistakingly think of Switzerland as entirely mountainous, but there is also a large and picturesque plateau called the Mittelland, between the Alps and Switzerland’s other rugged mountain range the Swiss Jura. The area holds it own charm and beauty and should not be missed.