Backpacking in Tanzania on a Gap Year

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Tanzania is a massively popular gap year destination, with some of Africa's top sites and activities.

If you picture Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti you might imagine romantic settings spread across the continent, but no, they're all located within Tanzania's borders. It's a backpacking cliché, but Tanzania really does have a diverse amount of cool stuff to do; you can go from bustling cities to deserted beaches, from the tallest point in Africa to diving off the coast.

And if you're looking for wildlife, Tanzania has some of the best in the world - the safaris are mind-blowing, with every chance to see Africa's Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard). The country is also a gateway to some of Africa's other animal highlights – mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda.

Tanzania is a brilliant country to volunteer, pass through on an overland tour or even just travel independently. What are you waiting for? Check out some amazing things to do here and start planning your gap year!