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Backpacking in Thailand, one of the most popular countries in South East Asia, is just one of those things you have to do. The country is an absolute magnet for travellers and it’s easy to see why: paradise islands, exciting jungles, amazing food, phenomenal nightlife and an incredibly friendly population. Oh, and it’s cheap. Like, really cheap.

Complete Thailand Gap Years

A great option is to get all your flights and tours in Thailand as one epic bundle. The tours will often take you into surrounding countries, too, so this way you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Ultimate Thailand Adventure

Explore Southeast Asia

Explore Southeast Asia

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RTW Flights to Thailand

Many backpackers experience Thailand as part of a wider adventure, so we’ve put together some awesome multistop flight packages that include Thailand and other great destinations too.

Colours of Asia

Southern Dreams

Southern Dreams

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Work or Volunteer

Paid and unpaid work in Thailand

Thailand is a great place in South East Asia to either work for a wage or volunteer. Paid work almost universally consists of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in schools, and there is an abundance of opportunities to do this.

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Equally, there are loads of opportunities to volunteer in Thailand, be it working on building projects or helping to sustain indigenous wildlife, like the endangered elephant population.

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Tours in Thailand

So, what’s it going to be? Tropical beaches? Dense jungle? Buzzing cities? Thailand has an answer for everything. Most people land in Bangkok, one of the most exciting cities in South East Asia. Once they’ve had their fill of temples, shopping and crazy nightlife, they head either south, for the achingly scenic islands, or north, for the awesome jungles and mountains.

It’s important to remember that while Thailand is very safe, it is also a developing nation, and as such can be quite daunting to get about in for first time backpackers. Therefore many people opt for a tour as these allow you to enjoy all the good stuff and meet awesome people while not having the stress of having to organise everything.

Thailand on a Shoestring

Northern Hill Tribes & Villages

Northern Hill Tribes & Villages

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Articles about Thailand

We’ve accumulated an absolute mass of helpful information for travelling in Thailand, all written by people who have been there and done it. Once you’ve had a look through the links up there to the left, which cover all the basics, check out some of these great articles on backpacking in Thailand.

If you have a specific question which needs answering just put it out there on the boards and someone will be back with some advice in a jiffy.

Finding Food in Thailand

Finding Food in Thailand

An article by Ben Turland
A Guide to Thailand

A Guide to Thailand

An article by Adam Lunn
Top Tips for Thailand

Top Tips for Thailand

An article by Catherine Hall
Teaching in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand

An article by Helen Brays

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