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Massachusetts is known all over the world for its outstanding colleges and universities. Boston is certainly the hub for education, with 60 schools in the metro area, including Harvard and MIT in neighboring Cambridge, Tufts University in Medford, and Boston University, Boston College and Northeastern University in Boston, among many others.

Studying in Massachusetts

Other pockets of higher education in the state are the suburban towns of Waltham and Wellesley, where you'll find prestigious Brandeis University and Wellesley College; and the business-oriented Babson and Bentley Colleges.

Heading further west is the city of Worcester, where another cluster of colleges lies: Clark University, Holy Cross, Assumption College and Worcester Polytechnical Institute make up about half of them.

The Pioneer Valley is also known as the "Five College Region" to those academia-oriented visitors. Here is where the famous women's colleges of Smith and Mt. Holyoke are located. Nearby are preppy Amherst College and artsy Hampshire College, and down the road is the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the flagship campus for the state university.

In the northwesternmost part of the state is Williamstown, home to Williams College. Although closer to Burlington, Vermont than to Boston, Williams makes up for its rural location with the prestige that comes with often being named the top liberal arts college in the country.

Did you know Harvard was founded in 1636?

The top five colleges in Massachusetts for international students are Harvard; Boston University; MIT; Northeastern University; and the University of Massachusetts (UMass). The international student population at these schools is quite strong. But that is not to say that foreign students are hard to find elsewhere. On the contrary, so many colleges in Massachusetts are so well known around the world that their dormatories are loaded with young people speaking many different languages, from all over the globe.

Additionally, many Massachusetts colleges run summer study programs for high school and college students where you can earn college credit by taking a few courses. This often helps open the door to the American application process for foreign students.

The American Association of Intensive English Programs is a resource for those interested in learning English; there are 18 affiliate schools across Massachusetts with programs for foreign students. Most are in the Boston area, with the exception of the International Language Institute of Massachusetts, Inc. which is located in Northampton, close to Smith College.