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Venezuela is a South American country which borders Brazil, Colombia and Guyana. Its natural beauty and pristine landscape make it a popular destination for travellers of all types.

The Gran Sabana region of Bolívar State is home to Angel Falls, which are one of South America's most significant crowd-pullers; at 979 meters they stand proud as the world's tallest natural waterfall. Other major attractions include the fabulous beaches of the 600 or so Caribbean Islands that lay off its coast, and of course the Andes which run across the states of Trujillo, Táchira and Mérida.

Backpackers and gap year travellers looking for adventure are bound to find it in Venezuela. The Guayana region to the south of the Orinoco River is mostly uninhabited, leaving its mountains, forests and marshlands largely untouched. This region is vast and beautiful, making up half of the countries land mass.

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The term Venezuela literally means ‘Little Venice’. The country was so named by its explorers, who saw houses built on stilts in a lake here, reminding them of Venice.