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Important practical information for your gap year

Once the fun of planning where you’re going on your big adventure is over, you need to start thinking about the slightly less fun details – the gap year essentials like what to pack, visas, insurance, and other stuff like that. There is a lot to think about, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. We’ve broken down the gap year essentials into eight sections, so you can tackle them one at a time.

The exact details will depend on where you’re going, what you’re doing there, and for how long. A lot of the information here assumes you’ve already got at least a basic idea of what your trip will entail. If you’re still figuring that out, we recommend visiting our Plan and Destinations pages. If that’s all in hand, this section can guide you through the tricky business of getting the right visas for your chosen destinations, working out what to take with you and what to leave behind, saving the money you’ll need to pull off your dream trip, getting the right accommodation, and a great deal more.

We know this stuff can seem a bit tedious, but getting all the essentials sorted guarantees your gap year will go off without a hitch. You’ll be able to enjoy your travels safe in the knowledge that nothing can go wrong, because you smashed your preparation.

Check out these amazing gap year experiences


Totally Trans-Mongolian

from £1879

19 days

Welcome aboard our Trans-Mongolian Railway complete gap year comrades! Full steam ahead for the Chinese city of Beijing, across Russian...


South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia

from £14200

Antarctica is considered by many to be the final frontier. Home to an equal number of stories of glory and...

Coast to Vegas (Apr to Nov)

from £1299

Follow the distant chime of the slot machines as you hit the coast and make your way from La La...

Jaffas n Jandals

from £325

2 - 2 days

New Zealand

Clear your schedule for New Zealand NOW – from Auckland to the Bay and everything in between. Cross the Harbour...

London Break – Hostel

from £209

Forget blowing precious pounds on overpriced accommodation. This four-day adventure allows you to explore London from the comfort of the...

Parades to Piazzas

from £1089

Throw caution to the wind as you travel from London to Rome, stopping to experience the magic of some of...

Torres del Paine – The W Trek

from £949


Here's a quick six-day trip that's simply perfect as an add-on to other Patagonian adventures. Torres del Paine's W Trek...

Greenland Valleys and Fjords

from £8450


Its neighbour might have the name, but Greenland is the true land of ice. Join an epic adventure to the...

Mexico Day of the Dead in Oaxaca


One of the great festivals of the world, the Day of the Dead is both a celebration of ancestors and...

Iconic Italy

from £2439


Connect with some of the world’s greatest cultural highlights on a two-week exploration of Italy. Get in touch with the...

Mekong River Adventure – Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City

from £799

Cambodia, Viet Nam

Experience the beauty of both Cambodia and Vietnam during this five-day river cruising journey. Take in Wat Phnom, the Grand...

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