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A Gap Year in Austria

Why go backpacking in Austria?

Austria (not to be confused with Australia – you’d be surprised how often it happens) is a beautiful little country to go backpacking and travelling in. Landlocked in central Europe and bordering eight countries, you’ll be hard pushed to go travelling in this region without visiting Austria.

Along with its neighbour Switzerland, Austria is considered to be the winter sports capital of Europe. If you’re looking for pow pow then you can’t go wrong. However, it also attracts a large number of backpackers and travellers in the summer months who visit its historic cities and towns and hike through the magnificent scenery of the alps. All in all, there isn’t a bad time to visit Austria.

Austria is popular for InterRailing and it’s one of the most cultural countries in the whole of Europe. If you’re on a gap year in central Europe then guaranteed you’ll fall in love with Austria.

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