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A Gap Year in Cyprus

Why go backpacking in Cyprus?

If you think Cyprus is just a holiday destination in Europe you’re sorely mistaken. There’s loads to see and do for backpackers and travellers, and it’s not just tanning on the beach!

Cyprus offers a variety of beautiful landscapes from stretches of golden sand fronting blue water to mountains and deep dense forests.

With a history stretching back 10,000 years there are ample opportunities to tour significant heritage sites around the island. Relics of the Roman age including wonderful mosaics can be found alongside Venetian remnants and castles once used in the crusades.

Mount Olympus and the surrounding mountain range the Troodos is the place to experience quaint villages where life moves at a gentler pace. Here you can enjoy cycling, hiking, bird watching and skiing through the winter months.

Cyprus is a today a modern country with an long and interesting history with world heritage listed sites, mountain villages that have changed little for decades, modern comfortable resorts, citrus orchards, mountains and beaches all waiting to be enjoyed. Following its entry into the European Union Cyprus has certainly undergone significant modernisation.

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