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Nightlife in France

Party the French Way

France has some of the best nightlife in Europe, with bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, and more to suit the taste of any backpacking party animal. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the French nightlife that’ll tickle your pickle.


Paris at Night
Paris is first on our list when looking for a great night out in France! As you can imagine, Paris is filled with bars and clubs and, although many of them can be tacky, there are some real gems among them. Your best bet is to ask locals where they recommend as there are often new clubs opening and hidden bars you may miss!


In our opinion Lyon is a very underrated city in France. Close to Paris, it’s easy to travel there, and it offers much of what the City of Lights can with fewer of the tacky bars and more of the good stuff. With Roman ruins and two rivers winding through the city the atmosphere is perfect and very fitting for a cocktail party.


Marseille at Night
Marseille is the biggest city on the French Mediterranean coast and second biggest city in France after Paris. When you arrive you will feel like your gap year has brought to another country, as its population is very diverse which adds to the nightlife experience and can be a welcoming change after being in France for a while. Most of the bars and clubs can be found in Vieux Port but it is worth wandering the streets for those hidden gems.


Strasbourg has historically been exchanged between Germany and France, making it a great place to experience the best of both cultures simultaneously. We’re thinking beer steins filled with wine… luckily for us gappers Strasbourg has a large young population meaning the nightlife remains cheap, lively and student orientated! If you get time between sips of wine you can also take in the beautiful architecture.


Bordeaux Wine
As the capital of one of France’s biggest wine regions, Bordeaux makes the cut for one of the top party regions. Many know that Bordeaux is one of the most exclusive places in France, but before you shy away remember that Bordeaux has a large student population which helps keep the cost of alcohol down. Hoorah!

Le Havre

You will find Le Havre along the coast of the English Channel, which is perfect for those heading south from Calais. La Havre has nightlife suited for any circumstance since it has a great range of bars, for those on a budget right up to those splashing the cash.

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